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Have you ever wanted to buy boutique wines, but you don’t feel like traveling to the individual wineries? Have you ever thought about placing an online order at a winery, but not gone through with it because you don’t meet the minimum order requirement? Do you ever wish you could order wine online and enjoy an affordable shipping rate, as well as high quality service? Look no further. On www.case-wine.com, you can select any kind of wine from any participating wineries, enjoying a favourable shipping rate and high quality customer service. To ensure wine lovers across Ontario are exposed to a balanced local wine experience, we offer a transformative platform that breaks the barrier between different brands. You are encouraged to create your own 12-bottle case with VQA standard wines from various wineries to brighten up your life and support the local wine industry.


When you place your order, the payment for the wines will be automatically sent to each winery, so the wineries will provide all the receipts for transactions. This is to make sure we can offer the wines at exactly the same price point as the wineries. Our goal is not to be a reseller of wine, but to develop a specialized software program and build a bridge between wineries and customers. Your shipping fees will be collected by us as we will be handling the shipping. Shipping information will be sent to you through emails once our staff has arranged the shipment. We aim to create an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone who enjoys wines.




Our staff at www.case-wine.com picks up your order from each winery and repackages them for shipment, making sure to enclose all receipts generated during the transactions at each winery. To better meet the needs of our customers, we have created a secure and sturdy wine shipping package that can fit all unique wine bottle shapes (750ml and below), minimizing any damages in the process. We conducted extensive research to compare various shipping companies and have chosen Canada Post as our partner. We’ve included a proof-of-age function when delivering to meet local liquor laws. Canada Post may check the recipient’s ID to verify his or her age. We chose Canada Post as our partner due to their delivery times, reputation with handling delicate packages, and their coverage offered for any lost shipments. After the shipment is arranged, you will be notified by email and find your tracking information on the Canada Post website.

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